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Arcade Sound

For the sound we choose to go with the existing arcade speakers, they
worked, they were big enough, and were too hard to replace anyways
due to their location in the cabinet. So we needed an amplifier for these
raw speakers.  The speakers are well hidden right below the Marquee
with fine black mesh metal. The speakers can not be seen at all unless
a flashlight is shinned into the black metal mesh.

I went down to Radio Shaft and bought a pair of the cheapest
computer speakers they offered for $9.99.

We disassembled the cheap-o speakers and extracted the amp,
we then soldered the wires from the old speakers to the connections
where the original speakers connected. Then we mounted that to the inside
wall of the cabinet.

We gave the unit power, and jacked the audio right into the motherboard
sound card. We plan to de-solder the volume control and place it under the
controls so it can be easily adjusted for each game or personal preference.
We were thinking right by the pause button on the right hand side.