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Mame Project

Last Updated 9-27-05

Cabinet Overview

(Total Cost Listed Below)

I can't forget the Special thanks to BYOAC!
Without them, this project never would have happened!

No history was harmed in the making of this unit.
It used to be an old Robo-Cop game, and before
that who knows? It's was just a generic JAMMA Cab.

We did all the artwork ourselves, and did a semi-
standard 2 player control layout, with a joystick
and 6 buttons (Some fighting games that need 6)
for each of the two players.

We opted to keep the coin box intact so it does
require quarters, but it was setup for tokens originally.
 (There's always a stack of quarters next to it)
There's nothing like the sound generated from a coin
being validated and then accepted, it's sooo Nostalgic!

We used a brand new TV to replace the broken existing
arcade monitor, and kept the existing speakers, then added
an audio amp for the computer output.

The plastic on the Marquee is original and you can still see
the yellow ESRB game rating in the bottom right corner. We had
to replace the plexi-glass for both the screen and controls.
We went with break / bullet proof Lexan. It scratches easily
but hey it's unbreakable so, it was give and take. We may
replace the screen with real beveled glass soon.

The computer behind the scenes is a 2.6 Ghz Intel
with 512 Megs of DDR ram. Running Win XP Pro
and MameWah as the front end, and a normal
cheap video card with S-Video out.
It boots ready to play in under 20 seconds.

This was our first attempt at making a Mame system.
It did not turn out too bad; we think. We plan to add
a spinner, trackball, and a light gun before year end 2005.
We will put pictures here when we update the machine.

It's taken about 1 year to get it to the point it is now
We started this project last Fall (Oct 04)
But I abandon the project in the Summer of 05, and
just recently (Sept-05) picked it up again and decided to
write this documentary website for it. I also decided to start
adding more parts like a spinner, trackball, light gun, etc., this
winter, so I will try and keep this updated as I go with pictures and such.

Then there's the total cost in parts. I don't even want to think
about how many hours this took us and how much that
would add up to!!! This project took hundreds of hours
because this was our first machine ever attempted. If we
had to make another one we could do it in MUCH MUCH less time!

Cost Break Down

Broken Cabinet $75.00
New Lexan $65.00
Control Buttons etc. $40.00
Key Encoder w/ breakout $100.00
New TV $95.00
Misc Wire, Crimps, Hardware $20.00
Artwork Printing  / Laminating $85.00
Castors (for rolling it around) $55.00
Audio Amp $10.00
Processor and Motherboard $59.00
DDR PNY RAM $49.00
Lights for Coin Box $2.00
New T-Molding $20.00
Power Supply $50.00
Win XP Pro $200.00
40 Gig Hard Drive $45.00
Video Card $50.00
Quarter Validators $60.00
Two Barstools $50.00
Sold old JAMMA Robo-Cop Board ($65.00)
Change in coins at the bottom of the cabinet when we got it ~($20.00)

Grand Estimated Total w/out Labor $1,045.00




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