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Bovine Communications has been around since 1999 and even has
roots farther back. There are a few "Big Wigs", including myself
I'm the Owner / CEO, my name is Steve Ries (Pictured below right).
Then there is Garrett Neckels (Pictured below left)

We have our hands in many projects at any given time.
This Mame was one of them.
It's located at our shop and used purely for entertainment.
If you are interested in our services let us know.
We range from computers, networking, web hosting, Mame-ing,
Building custom soda machines for your home or business,
Custom RFID access control, etc..
We also do Comercial Grade, Professional Fireworks
Come join our crew and work on some of the best shows in CA

You can contact me personally at

I'm glad to answer ANY questions or comments you may
have about this Mame project, or any others listed above.
Also feel free to contact us with a project you're working on,
or want us to work on for you or just simple advice.