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Coin Box


This was one of the easiest things about the entire project.
The cabinet came with a working coin box, all we had to do
was swap the old validators with token settings to new
validators that only accepted quarters. (lights are off)

It even came with matched keys for both then coin door
and the coin box. Then the box was wired as normal with
coin 1 and coin 2 wired to the control panel (see controls).
We also wanted to manage the computer easily so we ran
Cat 5 from the back where the computer was located to
the front attached to the coin box. This allowed an easy
 place to "jack in" when we needed to perform maintenance.

For lighting I just ran down to the local auto shop and grabbed
two lights that fit the socket for lighting the reject buttons.
Then we just wired them to the arcade power supply 12v
line, so if the arcade is on, so are these lights.