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Cabinet History


Many will be happy to know we did NOT Maim (pun intended) a
piece of gaming history, by building this unit over a historical
game. I got the cabinet from an amusement company for $75.00.

They sold it working (sort of), it was an old Robo-Cop.
with a single joystick in the center and two buttons.
It was an old JAMMA cabinet, that looked like it used
to be something else long before it was Robo-Cop. If
anyone knows by the pictures let us know. I could tell
by the control panel it was something else due to
abandon drilled control holes in the panel.

The monitor had a broken tube on the back, and
obviously did not work. However when turned it on
everything else worked, like the sound, controls, coin
box, etc..

The artwork was nothing to speak of, just some lame
sticky blue plastic sticker for the control layover,
and a generic orange and brown marquee with
"Robo-Cop" in the center using peel and stick lettering.

The people over at the amusement shop had heard of Mame
but had never "seen" it done before. They were quite impressed
when we got the system up and working in a few days after
them selling it to us.

Since then we have reworked quite a few things with the cabinet,
as you can see by this site. I wish we had taken pictures
of it when we picked it up before we started working on it.