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For the computer we choose an Epox motherboard. It has an Intel Celeron
2.6 Ghz Processor, onboard LAN, onboard sound, and your standard ports.
The MB and processor were on sale the package deal for both was only $59.00
via Frys MB and Processor combo package.

The BIOS is configured for "after power failure" "power on".
We set it like this so when we turn the power ON for the arcade,
the computer will automatically turn it's self ON. with no need
for an extra computer power button.

It sports 512 Megs DDR Ram which seems more than enough for Mame.
I got this off eBay for $49 and it's PNY branded (PC 2100).

The video card is a PCI Diamond Stealth S60 Radeon 7000
32 Meg DDR Card with S-video out. Our TV only accepts Composite
so I went down to Radio Shaft and purchased the adapter to convert
S-video to Composite. They charged $26.00 for the dumb thing!!!
I got home jumped on eBay and purchased another one for $4.00 WITH
shipping included, so I returned the other one to the 'Shaft and got our
$26 back. The cost of the Radeon Card was only $49.00 via Frys.

For storage we went with a Western Digital 40 Gig HD.
I have always had good luck with those, so back to eBay we went.
We snagged a drive off eBay for about $45.00, which is expensive
considering cost per Gig (at almost $1.00 per gig) when you can buy,
a 300 Gig drive at Sams Club for only $159 (exactly $0.53 cents per Gig)

The computer power supply was nothing special. Just a 350 Watt,
no name brand PS. The other power supply to the left is the
original arcade power supply, it controls all the power in the
cabinet. There was already a switch built in the back of the cabinet
so we decided to just leave it and run everything off it. Yes it's way
overkill, but hey the power supply looks nice back there right?

(I will update this picture when everything is all mounted properly.)